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    Ellen White monitored closely the trends taking place in her time and periodically gave warnings about their origins, character, and where they might lead. The purpose of this section is to note how these warnings might apply to the changes seen today and in the preceding decades in the SDA church. We firmly believe that the faith that was carefully, prayerfully, and lovingly uncovered through study of Scripture and affirmed by the Spirit of Prophecy in the Sabbath conferences beginning in 1848, was given by God. For that reason it should be preserved, proclaimed, and lived. We are convinced that there will be no new organization. That is why we remain in the old faith. While we do not deny the possibility of new light, it is not reasonable that new light be the old darkness from which our forefathers once turned away. Many of us are descendants of those who went through those pioneer days, and we are heart-sick to see the denomination our great-grandparents sacrificially gave their time, energy and life-blood to build and propagate, fall into the doctrines and hands of Babylon. We lovingly implore you, a Seventh-day Adventist today, to examine these issues and act as God speaks to your heart.

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